XBGM v0.9.1.0-26 [Xbox Game Manager]

KaYa released a new version of XBGM - an open-source multi-OS game manager for Xbox using Avalaunch, UnleashX and XboxMediaCenter dashboard features.

What’s new/fixed (since v0.9.0.7):

  • XBGM# look a little more polished, new functionnality.
  • Add/Fix a Save Manager.
  • Add/Fix Textmod version.
  • Add support for dashboard like Avalaunch, XBMC and UnleashX.
  • The top toolbar (shutdown/restart/launch) work with any dashboard.
  • BOOST mode work with UnleashX (upper V0.36.0620A Build 499).
  • Show free space with any dashboard (Avalaunch, XBMC and UnleashX).
  • Show extract icon from XBE before uploading a game.
  • Fix bug when extracting some xISO.
  • Fix bug showing free space on G drive.
  • Fix Number overflow error.
  • Fix error “Name is empty” when extracting locally.
  • Add time remaining field to Progress dialog.
  • All dialog (MainWindow, Preferences, DirectoryUpload, ProgressDirectory, ProgressxISO) are made with Glade.
  • Allow progress window minimize/hide.
  • New SaveAs dialog for append filename extension automatically.
  • Add dialog to select the export colunm you wish.
  • Add XISO <= v1.10 support.
  • Many other fix/add.

The XBMC launch button allow you to run any xbe specify in the configuration dialog.
When using XBMC dashboard, you can also run any script, as long as you specify full path.
The save manager allow to list all save game on your xbox and to backup it in a zip format, and it is working with all dashboard.

I remind you than XBGM# can extract xbox 360 iso.
This release is in debug mode, so it redirect the output to a file, ‘debug.txt’, send it to me please.
Since it is a development version, i am open to any change.
Please feedback any bug so i could fixed it.

Download here:


More info here: