X850PRO AGP problems

Hi, I just purchased a new ATI X850PRO AGP gfx card, after installing it in my desktop, I uninstalled the old gfx card’s driver ( ati 9800pro ) then installed the new omega driver. After restarting my PC, I started to see 30 blue squares when windows is starting up, in the black screen with the bar going from left to right. then i saw 3 black bars around the mouse cursor. I started a game ( america’s army ) and it was really wierd, the picture was missed up, i mean i saw black bars and cloros were missed up. So, I installed a fresh windows xp pro in another partition, same problems found there, blue squares and picture is missed up. I installed the latest chipset driver, then everything went well for a while, no blue squares everywhere and stuff. I started the game, americas army, and watched the EVEREST Ultimate Edition temp. program, the gfx card’s temp. was going up to 60 clicues !!! I haven’t overclocked the card or anything, it’s using the stock fan. I have a giant fan as big as my midesize case desktop to the left, infront of the gfx card sucking air from system to the outside. Procesor temp. is around 20’s cilcus mobo temp. is 28 cilcius, hard drive’s temp is 22 cilcius. But once I close the game gfx card temp. falls down to 20-30 cilcius. Why is all this heat generating in the gfx card, although it’s fan is spinning and everything looks fine.

amd 64 3000+ s939, 1GB ocz pc-3200, 1x 200gb seagate 7200 8mb, 1x 160 maxtor 160gb 7200 8mb, 500W power supply, MSI k8New mobo.
I’m downloading the 3DMark05_v120 right now, will show the result once it finish the test and everything.
inputs are much appreciated.

edit 1: I stopped the 3dmark05, 1 was getting 0-1 FPS in the 4th test !!! and the GPU temp. was 65 cilcius

It sounds like a heating problem to me.

That card can run at upto 80 celcius without any problem so I wouldn’t think it was heating

Check http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/Quick-X850-Pro-Temps-ftopict170176.html

Isn’t one of the tests in 3dmark05 cpu based. Im sure everyone gets low fps for those. Just let it run through and check the score.