X8 Verbatim DL Discs Speed Sueggestions



Just got my 20A4P today so I have a quick question. In your experience what speed would you burn x8 +R DL Verbs at x4 or 6 in a 20A4P? same question again but for a 111D. My 111D Burns the x2.4 disc better at x4 than at x2.4 and since I now have more x8 discs than x2.4 which I now need to start using.


I would burn at 4X for the 20A4P


[QUOTE=CCRomeo;2161460]I would burn at 4X for the 20A4P[/QUOTE]

Yup, 4x and then 6x and then compare.


[QUOTE=chef;2166171]Yup, 4x and then 6x and then compare.[/QUOTE]



Forgot I posted this, any way I have already burnt two discs at x4 and both burnt fine and scan pretty good as well, one scanned better than the other but overall fine.