X8 Media Burning Problem

I have not burnt any media at X8 before, but i have now. I have burnt 2 Verbatim Pastel TY X8 discs, each disc was from a different packet. The second one i burnt with alcohol ver.1.9.5 it started of slow,did’nt start to burn anything for about 1 minute,then it started to burn at X6 at around 9% it seemed to stop dropping to X0.8 it then started up again after about 30 - 60 seconds and went to X8. After burning the program said it took 9m 19s and had a avarage speed of 5.9X, is this normal ?. Now the 109 reads it fine but for some reason my toshiba m1612 wont, well it will play the disc but when i try and run a benchmark in cd/dvdspeed ver.4.01 it starts to spin up gets to 3 seconds left of the pre spin up and then give me a unrecovered read error message, when i run a scan disc i get damage and bad sectors, dvdinfopro also gets these damage sectors. Ive never had this happen on a X4 burnt disc.

I got the same when i burnt a iso with dvd decrypter, although that does’nt say the avg speed or time taken. Didnt get as meny damaged or bad sectors but they was still there.

Any ideas ??? my has never done this on any discs before.

109 firmware is 1.57

Which version of Alcohol are you using? What did you burn the first disc with? I burn at 12x all the time on my unbranded 8x TYG02 DVD-R (the exact same thing as those pastels) and I am using the Pioneer 109 with V1.40 firmware. Never updated to the later revisions as there were just too many bugs reported on them.

First disc was burnt with dvd decrypter, seemed to start the burn quicker and did’nt seem to stop as long when going from X6 to X8.

Alcohol is version 1.9.5. When burning at X8 is it normal to start slow go to X6 then kinda stop then carry on at X8 like i explained above ?

As i say though its just my toshiba giving me these errors, the drive has never done this before, but then again ive never burnt a disc at X8 before.

I use TYG02 almost exclusively on my 109 with 1.57 firmware. I do 95% of my burns at 8X and a few at 12X with no problems…

Well what ever the problem is im gonna wait to get some more X8 media to test with, dont want to waste these X8 TY discs.

Should’nt burning at X8 start at X8 from the beginnning though ? and not X6

Oh i have aspi drivers 4.60.

There is no such thing as 8x CLV burning (8x from start to finish). All drives, when burning at 8x, start at a lower speed (usually 6x but sometimes 4x) and then speed up to 8x.

OK i see, so my drive is doing it correct, the only thing that bothers me is it takes its time to start, when i burn at X4 its starts burning more or less straight away after the lead in, but at X8 it takes alot longer to start. Plus when it gets to about 9% after doing the first at X6 it drops to about X1 or less for a while then starts up again at X8. Plus what was bother me was alcohol said the avg speed was X5.9.

Is the drive meant to stop and start like that when burning at X8

My A09XL does the same thing; the transition from 6x to 8x isn’t as smooth as on other drives.

Oh i see … phewwww. And taking longer to start at the beginning than a X4 burn, same thing ?? or maybe that was just alcohol. DVD Decrypter didnt seem to take as long.

What do u burn with my i ask ? and if u have burnt with alcohol at X8 does it give the same sort of avg ?

I guess my toshiba just does’nt like media burnt at X8 very well, well at least when scanning, think the drive is on the way out anyways.

I don’t use Alcohol; I use Nero, DVD Decrypter, Prassi Ones, and BHA B’s Recorder 7.

I have Ones but when i set that to X8 it took ages to start and never shifted up to X8, under the details tab at the bottom it said speed(x8.0) but under that it said 3.8x and never changed.