X64 not mounting IDE devices

Im stumped!
I have dual os’ on separate partitions. xp pro is my main and x64 which i mainly have abobe apps installed to take advantage of 64bit.
i went to do some work on x64 this morning and it is not displaying anything connected on the ide bus’.
i have 2 BenQ dvd burners (dw1640 +dw1650) and a Maxtor hdd.
none are displayed…it does recognise the devices but doesnt mount them for use.
I have tryed unistalling the devices and the primary & secondary channels and rebooting, but to no avail. also changing the devices from CS to master and slaves as well as a mix of some connected and some not. system restores and firmware upgrades…still nothing.
I did recently upgraded my bios and i did just install the dw1650 as new but still with my old config, no go.
the device status properties refer to the registry which is of concern as all the devices are fine when running xp pro os.
Any suggestions as google doesnt provide much info rather than unistalling the devices and rebooting.

In the registry, the optical devices are listed in :

Scroll down the list looking at the right side til you see cdrom. (Should be in the first ten entries. Mine is {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318})

Delete the 0000 key and rescan for hardware changes in Device Manager. You may need to delete the 0001 as well.

(Backup your registry first. I use ERUNT.)

Gravity; I have the same system as your (XP & Vista64 in two separate partitions), and last night I happened to have the same symptom as yours, and that one my drive not being recognized by Vista64 OS. I just did troubleshoot the problem, go to "Device Manager click on CD-ROM Devices then you can see the only drive being recognized right click on that and click uninstall then reboot your computer and come back to the same OS you will see both of your "Writers (CD-ROM/or DVD-RW) will be reinstalled by windows and both are available.

Edit: Looking in to your system you have problem with both of your drive so you have to uninstall both of them and do the rest.

What do you guys expect from buggy BETA software???

well, i ended up having to reinstall from scratch…even trying to do a system repair from the cd didnt work, well it screwed me as when it entered the install after transfering the files it still would not recognise the drives and would display an error and not progress any further.
meh, outside of my knowledge but hey lets see if it happens again eh.