X41 High Powered USB Connector specs needed

I started a small project to build a custom USB-male to female-barrel connector so that I can use any slim USB external cd-rom/dvd-rom device without the need of an external power supply.

Luckily, the X41 comes with such a special connector for a proprietary unit, however, that unit costs over $200 because of the IBM (today Lenovo) name. So I decided to try and build my own.

see here for a picture of it:

It’s basically an almost full USB port, it has only 3 pins not 4, but all the pins align in the same distance from each other as they do in a regular USB male 4-pin plug, so I know I can use my dremel to take a regular USB male plug and just shave it down one pin length.

So here is my problem, does anyone have a schematic or know what these 3 pins do?
Are they somehow proprietary to the drive that IBM used to produce as the only drive with their power requirements to run?

I used a multimeter and tested out that one of the pins gives a constant 3v of charge, whist the other two showed nothing, just zero. Also assuming one is ground and one is known now to be the 3v line, what’s the third pin for?

Lastly, even with the 5v that the top 4-pin line provides, and the 3v that the bottom 3-pin line provides, that doesn’t add up to the 12v I would need for most devices… did IBM cheat somehow?

If anyone can provide any insight or help on this, it will be greatly appreciated.

don’t anyone really has a solve for that problem? I would like to know too

I don’t think USB ports ever put out 12V. So those external drives are running at a lower voltage.

What devices capable of using that proprietary connector?


Haha, I’m and idiot replying to a 2008 thread bumped by a newbie :smiley: