X4 DVD DVR disk availability

My mate has a Pioneer A05 DVD burner, he has some purple dye DVR disks rated at x4 but can only write at x2. Can anyone tell me what the actual x4 DVR Disk Dye is for authentic disks and where can they be purchased. There have been loads of crooks on ebay etc. selling x1 DVR disks stamped with x4.

So will appreciate some feedback. My mate is going mad with the purple dye DVR. I explained his problem, so now I need you too help me out, if you would please.

Greetz The Diplomat :smiley:

Happy Christmas too you all


Numerous customers have contacted us in regards to the aforementioned media and whether or not Pioneer’s DVR-105 offers support for it. After indepth research and the generous help of several customers we’ve found the root of the problem.

All Pioneer DVR 105’s we currently have in stock are US-release general purpose drives with firmware version 1.0 and have been verified to record at 4X using Ritek’s 4X rated media (Item # RitekG04-DVD-R-SS). Screen shots can be seen below. Earlier models sold through eBay or select vendors may have an outdated firmware revision (v0.52) and will not record at 4X on any media our customers have tested.

http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=59756 (as DVD media belongs to the Media forum and also belongs to the DVD Hardware forum.)

I am trying to talk to some DVD media manufacturers.