X360 multiple burning?



Does anyone knows how to do it with two recorders?
Because the recommended softwares (clone - imgburn) don´t do.


well unless you got a really fast hard drive i dont think burning to 2 dvd recorders at the same time will work for the most part.

cause burning @ 8x is about 11MB/s… plus CPU usage etc… or even @ 4x (which is what i burn my Xbox360 games at) that’s about 5MB/s … which i guess 5MB/s your hard drive should be able to sustain those speeds burning to two recorders at the same time.

all in all though unless you really need that i would just burn em one at a time if you want to play it safe… cause unless your mass producing those discs i dont really see a need to burn on two recorders at once. (no offense)


Thanks NBR!
Just in case…if I want to do a mulitiple burning…which software???
As I said imgburn and clone don´t have this option…do you know anyone?


i used to have some software back in the day i think that offered that option but it’s not free.

Padus ‘Disc Juggler’ … i believe that can write to more than 1 disc at a time but i aint sure if i can recommend that since it’s been ages since i used it.

http://www.padus.com/support/manuals/html/08_Advanced_Concepts/07_Writing_to_Multiple_Drives.htm (might be a little outdated i aint sure but it does appear that the software has multiple burning support… maybe they have a free trail that you can test it out)

at the end of the day … me personally ill take ImgBurn (for DATA) + Burrrn (for AUDIO) combo for pretty much all my burning needs… both are free :wink:


Thanks man!!!
I´ll try this…