X3 player download



I recently downloaded a movie which is now asking for an x3 player in order to play the movie. Any help/suggestions out there wil be appreciated.



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Unfortunately, what you have downloaded is a fake, which is basically a short video clip of a screen saying the X3 player is required with several hundred MB of garbage data to give the impression that it’s actually the full movie that requires some special player to play. This is a con to try getting people to download the scam X3 player (some info.)

This is similar to the fake video web pages that claim the user needs to download a new codec or updated flash version to view the video, but instead they use this opportunity to deliver their malware, since an unsuspecting user will assume it’s a legitimate player/codec. The advantage for them in your case is that as the user has gone to the trouble of downloading what appears to be a full movie, they know that the unsuspecting user will try all they can to play this in a hope the user downloads and runs their malware, in this case the so called “X3 player”.

I would strongly suggest deleting this download and reporting to the website you got it from that it’s a scam, if there is an option to report the file.

The so called X3 player is actually a piece of malware that will display fake AV infection results to try getting the user to purchase their antivirus package to “clean” the infection.

[B]One main tip[/B]: If VLC can’t play it, discard it.