X2: The Threat

are you saying that a good image can be mounted successfully without removing the real IDE devices (I’ve never tried this theory anyway)?

If so , could you post some info in the “CD Backup Guides and Tutorials” section pleez? (drives/read-speeds etc)

Could you upload the mds?


I don’t have the game and merely repeated what VeNoM386 said a little while ago :bigsmile:

The Uk version is protected by starforce, and as soon as you load the game it checks the cd that it is the real disc. If you mount an image on a virtual drive starforce doesn’t recognise the virtual drive and says that there is no disc inserted. To get around this, if you unplug all your drives and then run the game from the virtual drive, starforce will see it as the only available drive and will try to verify the disc.

This works, ie i can get starforce to see the virtual drive, but the disc fails to verify and i cannot run the game. The image i created doesn’t work, so am trying different methods to see if i can get a working image. It’s a pain in the arse though as i have to keep unplugging my drives!!!