X2 The Threat 1.4

Well for some reason it now refuses to run my back-up.
Anyways im trying a few of the tutorials but the best quality BWA file i’ve got so far was 95% and i can’t seem to find one anywhere to download.
Also the copy protection is SecuROM 5(as of this patch) but the CD’s is 4.8(if that matters).

SO basicly i’m asking for help on how to get a back-up of a SecuROM 5 game working as i really don’t want to have to wait a few weeks/months for Myth/DEViANCE/RAZOR 1911 etc… to crack it.

what reader/writer are you using and with which program?

No crack discussion here please.:slight_smile:

My best bet is that something has been blacklisted. Update all of your programs and see if it runs.


As has already been pointed out, posting about cracks is against the forum rules.
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