X2 DVD issues

Hi Everyone,

I have developed and issue with both my DVD reader and my Emprex DVD-RW. They both Read Standard DVD movies just fine but when I put a game disc in they both just dont see them? and in some cases they cause the PC to hang.

I run Windows XP MCE. P4 3.2, ATI x850 AGP and 2g Ram.

Both drives appear in the POST and in windows.

I have tried all sorts of games but none work.

If anyone has any ideas i would very much like to hear them.


Could be Sony Root Kit is on your pc, could be you have software installed that is causing the conflict. Has it ever worked. What cd/dvd softwares have you installed. Have you played any CD’s or DVD’s which were produced by Sony?

Yes, they have worked for a few years now. Its kinda hard to say when they stopped working with games as I play World of Warcraft alot and it dont need the disc in the draw.

I use Win AVI converter, Nero, Alcohol - Did have Power iso, uninstalled now.

I have tried a few things, unplugging both only using one drive, uninstalled drivers and the such.

Not sure about the Sony thing maybe some movies? they are no programs on my PC tho, that are made by Sony.