X1950Pro ordered

I just ordered a Sapphire X 1950 Pro. Has any one got one to share his experience with me? Can it be crossflashed to an X 1950 XT?

Ya know bichonn, a lot of members are going to do really disapointed that you didn’t wait a year for an affordable DX10 capable card lol :wink:

I change my video card every years ;). My X800GT0²@X850XTPE is 1 year old. I will sell it on EBAY.
DX10 will be out mid 2007 (if MS is on time …) and the 1st games right after. So I have plainty of time to enjoy my new card.

SO you ordered the AGP version?

top of the line cards are only made for the x16 platform :frowning: . Us AGP people are feeling the sqeeze, forcing us to consider a full system upgrade just to get a high end graphics card. AMD people are lucky since they can still use there s939 processors and ram with an x16 MB. Sucks that computer systems (MB and CPU) are getting better every month, so its hard to decide when to pull the trigger on a new system. :slight_smile:

Oh, you haven’t heard? Wello, I have some GREAT news for you!!!


ATI’s Partners to Upgrade AGP Systems.
ATI Radeon X1950 Pro AGP Is Coming

by Anton Shilov - 10/23/2006 - 10:42 AM ]

At least one add-in board manufacturing partner of ATI Technologies, a leading supplier of graphics processors, is planning to begin shipments of graphics cards for accelerated graphics port (AGP) bus that are based on the company’s latest Radeon X1950 Pro graphics processing unit.

Several online stores are currently taking orders on GeCube Radeon X1950 Pro for AGP 8x bus graphics cards. The novelty has the same specifications as its PCI Express counterpart: it has fully fledged Radeon X1950 Pro chip onboard, 256MB of GDDR3 memory, two DVI outputs and so on. Given that the code-named RV570 graphics processing unit (GPU) was designed to work with PCI Express bus, the new board is equipped with a special bridge chip to “converts” PCI Express signals into AGP signals.

UK-based Overclockers.co.uk online store is currently offering GeCube Radeon X1950 Pro AGP version for £187.99 ($350) including value added tax (VAT), meanwhile, numerous Germany-based stores offer to preorder the same board for €218 – €242 ($273 - $303).

ATI Technologies said that the AGP 8x version of the Radeon X1950 Pro graphics card was designed by itself and it provided reference designs to the add-in card suppliers. The official recommended price for the part is higher compared to PCI Express version of the product.

The new ATI Radeon X1950 Pro AGP products are likely to become the fastest add-in graphics accelerators for outdated personal computers with AGP 8x slot, but their success on the market is uncertain, as those, who seek for truly high performance graphics cards are very likely to own a computer with a PCI Express x16 slot. This is the first high-performance offering for accelerated graphics port from ATI in two years, as previously the company downplayed the importance of AGP upgrade market.

No, I have a PCI express mother board (Gigabyte GAK8NF9 Ultra)

Wow this is excellent news! :clap:

Why??? I think you are waiting for DX10??? am I right ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the thing!!!
9459 pts at 3Dmark05 without O/C at all!!!

How’s it work? Done some BENCHIES yet??? Please share!

1950 is a great powerhorse, but I wouldn’t pay more than €200 for a new card personally.

I think it is already too much hype on for all that DX10 capable cards appearing mid 2007.
Same for Vista or H’asta la Vista…

I paid 208€ with the game battlefield 2 included (not bundled).

agree with you but by the time DX10 appears, most games will still be DX9, even a while after!!!

When I first got it (this morning) I went straight and downloaded the latest Catalyst (6.9). It wouldn’t install cause the card was not known!!!
I than used the CDrom that came with the card. This CDrom also has Catalyst 6.9 but some how my card was known!!! It just means that the Catalyst that we can download at ATI is not the latest version …

So far I have played COD2, NFS Carbon (demo), Battlefield 2, Tomb Raider Legend, FEAR, …etc all functions and options enabled!!! NO LAG AT ALL.

I will soon try the AVIVO functions, by making some H264 movies just for the fun.

The Fan is a bit noisy when at full speed … I just ordered an Accelero 2.

Whoa, this could be my next one. Does it have HDCP or HDMI?
edit supports HDCP

I will soon try the AVIVO functions, by making some H264 movies just for the fun.

That would be interesting. :wink:

Yes, And it can be found even cheaper if you don’t mind a bulk version. As low as €188

I couldn’t make a H264 movie cause I don’t have the decoder. I need a soft like Powerdvd 7 to get the H264 acceleration.
But I did some divx with it and I can tell you that it is much faster than using the processor for that!!!

Hey, if you don’t want that Catalyst Control Center thing and would rather use the Control Panel, you can get a Control Panel version at this site:


Some of us don’t like the CCC and prefer the CP, so I thought I’d mention it just in case.

Thanks, I have enough memories, and I am getting used to it. Also I need it to use the AVIVO fuctions.

What are the avivo functions?

decoder/encoder with the help of the card. Makes it much faster.

ahh - so it has DVD hardware acceleration for playback - has for years, but you are saying it now has a hardware encoder as well, eh?

Like my old Matrox G400-TV card. I wonder if my ATI X800XT AIW has that too?

But since I got the home DVD Recorder, I don’t capture to my computer any more. I have that SIMA CT-200 so I take all my tapes and record them to the Panasonic. Works easier than capturing to the PC and it seems like the audio is always in sync.