X16 Burning Query



Last time i ordered i got one of those high speed sample packs, i forgot i had it for awhile but now i have desided to use the discs rather than let them sit there in the case getting dust on.

The 3 discs i will be using are
1X Unbranded Taiyo Yuden TYG03
1X Philips MCC 03RG20
1X Vebatim MCC 03RG20

Will be burnt on my Pioneer 109XLC FW1.58. Now i read that X16 disc’s give best quality at X12, now i would do test myself but as i only have one of each and having not used X16 disc’s before i would like your experiance’s with these 3 discs at X12 and/or at X16. Preferably done in the same drive.



It is current practice to burn 16x discs at 12x though this may change as firmware and hardware is updated. I don’t know the wholle technical reasons behind it, I treid a test of it myself and found I had a better burn at 12x for my Verb 16x discs in the BenQ 1640 I have. It may also differ from drive to drive.