X-men origins wolverine

had success using any DVD v. and DVD shrink:rolleyes:

I can’t get a good back up of x-men origins. I have used nero 9, dvdfab decrypter and a few others. I can get it backed up to hard drive but when it is burned to dvd it is all grainy. Any ideals what is the problem?

Does it play good from the HDD ?

If so then How is your burner?

i have had one play good from the hdd.but still wont play without the grainy picture when backed up on dvd. have tried different dvds.

If it plays good on the HDD then it is down to burner or software to burn.
Can you give us your computer spec’s and your method of burning to disc?
What brand of disc are you using?
What Operating system are you using?

my pc is windows vista 64 bit. i use nero 9 to burn to dvd and have used dvd region free with nero. have tried ripit4 me also. right now I am using memorex dvd+r 16x.

I am not a big fan of Nero so I am not sure on settings there.

I use Imgburn as my burning app and have had no problems with it, It is also FREE.

Memorex is not the best media. I use TY or Verbatim and burn at half the speed the disc are rated for.

Is this a new problem just with this movie ?
Have you had success with other movies?

yes i have had the same problems with my other movies in the past few weeks. i have been reading on nero forums and some seem to think it is a problem with the new nero 9 update. so i am going to uninstall the nero update and revert back to the old one. i have not had any problems with the memorex before but it could be the disk. is the program that you use easy to use?


I have the bought copy of DVDFab and it works very very good,
With the combo of using Imgburn I have not had any big problems in a long time.

And I only use the best media TY and Verbatim.

Thanks for your info and your time. I greatly appreciate it. I will get some better burning media for sure. And will try the software that you are using if I can’t figure my problem out. Thank you.

You are Welcome

Best of luck and if you need anything else, just come back and ask away.

Wolverine DVD ( PAL area 4) was only released in Australia on 14 October. This version has new copy protection
which even the latest DVDFab(6125) can’t penetrate unless you disable pathplayer AND copy the main movie only. Copying the whole DVD seems to work but the movie has much static. Verbatim DVD+R 16x ASUS or Pioneer Burner(20x)

send the files to Fengtao