X-mas songs performed by celebrities




Can someone tell me a bunch of music (related to X-mas) performed by celeb. I am trying make a mix x-mas disc.

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theres some


It’s early August and you’re thinking about Christmas :confused:


Hey i’ve already started christmas shopping!!! :bigsmile:


I just wanta plan ahead, by the way the x-mas songs that i am looking for, i would like it to be somewhat new like with a little pop music and stuff like that.

I totally agree :iagree: :clap:


You did! :eek:

I always buy all the gifts one week before Christmas. I’ll spend one whole day on it and until now I always had everything I wanted/needed. :iagree:


one day? then you must have a short list…
I get in the christmas spirit long about October and start decorating around my house I usually have 3 trees inside to decorate …one in the formal living room which generally has gold and angles…one in the den - or main room- its usually green and red with santas…and then one in the dining room with red and white and kitchen ornaments…and by thanksgiving i’ve got all my christmas cards addressed and ready to mail…( i send out close to 200 of them so its not like addressing 10 or so…) but the month of december…i have many parties here at my house.

so what was it you wanted / needed?