X-Files Mythology Help Plz



Hi All.

I’m a newbie to these forums and relatively new to burning DVD’s.

My mission is:
I have bought all 9 seasons of The X-Files during the past 2 years (roughly about 200 episodes). Twentieth Century Fox then released the so-called X-Files Mythology collections (about 60 episodes) which include the episodes that has to do with Alien Invasion etc. Now, I don’t want to buy these collections - since I already have all the Mythology episodes spread out on over 50 disc. So I thought…I’ll make my own disc.

I looked through this forum for a thread regarding burning titles from multiple discs onto a single disc (4 episodes a disc). I found this Guide. It looked pretty straight forward so - using CloneDVD2 - I started.

My problem (so far):
I chose Clone DVD to Files. I was expecting to get 4 .vob files (one for each episode/title), but I got 6. The first 5 .vob’s were all 1GB large, but as I checked them out, I found out that the first .vob file wasn’t the entire first episode. The rest of the first epsiode was on the second .vob file (incl. most of the second episode). The third .vob file had the remaining part of the second episode plus most of the third episode and so on… :confused:

My questions are:
Does anyone know anyway around this? Is there another way of doing this? Should I use another program instead of CloneDVD?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Hi sniper@dk,

basically you should only be backing up DVD’s that you physically own.

Read forum rules please.


But I do own them. I bought and paid for them on Amazon UK. I just want to compile them on sort of “Greatest hits” DVD’s. Read my post again please.


Have re-read and my apologies sniper- misread the post.

unfortunaltly i haven’t tried doing a “greatest hits collection” thus far so cannot help you with this question.

but im sure some of the more experinced members will soon read and help you.

in the meantime you could try the search function to see if you get any luck.

p.s well to the forum


I would rip each episode in ifo mode with DVDDecrypter which would give you 1 vob for each, then use something like TMPG DVD Author to compile into 1 dvd :slight_smile:

if the DVD end up to large then shrink the final DVD with CloneDVD :slight_smile:


Da Sheep!

Thanx - will try that, although I have no experience with DVDDecrypter. And I don’t even know what TMPG DVD Author is.


if you’re no tpicky about menus, dvd shrink is a good and simple way of doing this.

rip the episodes you want into separate folders then, in reauthor mode, drag them one by one into the dvd compilation. to create the compilation dvd.

unfortunately, dvd shrink in reauthor mode does not allow you to create menus but something like TMPG should (that’s out of my area of expertise though)


@ sniper@dk,

Unfortunately CloneDVD will not produce a compilation DVD from multiple DVDs.

The CloneDVD software program focus is on making copies of Commercial DVD Movie Tiles and not a DVD authoring software program.

For your project you will need a DVD authoring program. As suggested by Forum Member Da Sheep! use TMPGEnc DVD Author (http://www.pegasys-inc.com/en/product/tda.html) to author you compilation DVD from multiple DVDs. After you use TMPGEnc DVD Author to author your compilation DVD from multiple DVDs and if it is larger than 4.7GH use CloneDVD to shrink/compress to 4.3 GH to fix on a DVD±R media.

This TMPGEnc DVD Author user guide is an excellent step-by-step guide user guide that will explain how to do this www.doom9.org/mpg/tmpg-dvdauthor.htm

I reviewed the Guide that you referenced in your posting and quite frankly that guide you referenced is useless because most Commercial DVD Movie Tiles are not authored in the simplistic straight forward manner that the individual how wrote that Guide assumes that they are. You cannot just arbitrary move around and rename different .BUP, .IFO, and .VOB files and expect a DVD to function properly. That’s why you need a DVD authoring software program.

Best Regards,


Thanx alot bjkg.

I will get right on it.


dvd shrink provides a simple solution. dvd shrink is simple to use and it is free. however, the discs you produce will not have menus.

i’ve never used “TMPGEnc DVD Author,” so i can’t comment.

if you decide to go with dvd shrink and have any questions, feel free to send me a message.


@ Da Sheep! & bjkg

I tried it the way you described using DVDDecrypter, DVD Author and CloneDVD and it work perfectly. Once I got going it was actually pretty easy - even made some pretty cool menus as well.

Thanx alot guys.


Pleased it all worked out :slight_smile:


@ sniper@dk,

Glad to hear you were successful with your project.

Best Regards,