X Domin8tor for Italian Forum Discussion

Sorry for my english but I don’t speek English very well.
it think to have done the possible one for moderate the Italian Forum, many members can confirm this…
I can’t to be present on this forum H24, i have Job too, I have private life and my connection is a free 56K, but i think It’s no use to create 3 -5 -100 new moderator, it’s only same that old moderator have possibility to Banned any Nick of disrespectful people directly!!
The possibility for we moderator to clear or lock incriminate posts it’snt a only soluction, and this don’t resolve more serious problems!
I think that Hpolimar is not always present on the forum, ok, but he is not a bad moderator. I know him and he’s my friend!
I’m a honest person and I respect and help all members of Italian Forum, but some bad peoples (i think) should not to be a member of Forum!!
This is my opinion!
Thanks to Venerdi and all my friend for support me! :slight_smile:

One thing x Domin8tor: I don’t understand if I have been cleared like moderator… in case I wish to recandidate. I’m like this Forum and I would like moderate it.

Bye bye

I have replied you by PM. I will discuss your positition with cico85, because your experience might be usefull…

PM for You! :bow:

Hi DoMiN8ToR,

With your permission, I would like to express my opinion; I have never expressed my opinion.

I agree with Ice-Man; you have made to moderate the forum without giving any power to the moderators.

Minamoto/Terabyte, Entity00 & Co. has been able to do what has wanted.

You are now submitting the forum to Cico, but you don’t ask our opinion. If you have already decided thing to do, because you have opened a pool?
In the pool, would Cico have had preferences?
I don’t have anything against him.
He is a nice little boy.
But he in the last three months has opened only two threads and it is enrolled to the forum from little time
And DoMiN8ToR, have you read some posts of Cico?

We appreciate very more Vanadium and Canislupus that are used for resolving many problems and they have always discussed with calm and reason.
I believe that among the consumers of the forum a classification of values exists, that you don’t owe to ignore.

Unfortunately, I believe that your decision is an unfair imposition, I believe that you have been wrong, but since I love this forum I will respect your very wrong decision.

And I also want to thank to have looked for a solution however.


I’m not DoMiN8ToR, nor am I part of the management or involved in the forum, so I can express freely my opinion. There can be little doubt about cico85 as moderator. I fully support him. He is the only Italian who regularly visits the English forum. The management has stated that it wants a good relation with the moderators and this can only be achieved if they show some participation in the whole forum as cico85. Furtermore , you say you have respect for the forum, well, respect DoMiN8ToR then, as we would even be discussing the forum without him.

Dear dansmug :slight_smile:

I appreciate a lot your intervention, because this that is happening allows to know better us all, but you also have to understand the correct desire that we have to have as moderator one of us.

We don’t know Cico; he has made few posts in our forum.
We want as moderators people that have already shown good abilities and good qualities
We want people that have given useful contributions in the forum and not a guy that has been little from us.
I don’t believe correct this decision.
Cico still has to grow in our forum

If the management wants good relationships with the users it has to decide pleasant moderators and respected.
We have to decide alone.

I attend to know your thought

Ciao :wink:

cico85 will only be the bridge between the Italians and the rest of the team. He has been a lot in the English forums so he knows how it all works over there, and I hope he will able to make the Italian Forum like the rest, calm, easy going, comfortable and a helpfull place. The two/three others that will accompany him (i’m thinking about 3 or 4 moderators) will need to respect him and respect me.

I really try to make this work, but it has been made hard for me to understand who is wrong and who is right. I certainly have an idea who is wrong at the moment (both fighters e.g.) but besides cico I can’t tell who is right, and this is mainly because I just can’t read Italian. Mind you, that this forum isn’t a democratcy, and being on our forum is not a fundamental right, we however enjoy people posting here and helping eachother, but it should stay that way, and not end up in endless political discussions.

Don’t worry, if the majority of the people wants to make it work, it will work, unfortunately we will have to have a strict regime at first to be sure the bad guys get the hardest time possible.

I appreciate your opinions, they really help me, so keep them coming (as long as they are polite and respectfull) I will also add Ice-man to the poll.


I am sorry that we know each other because of this disagreeable matter.

I am always me considered guest of cdfreaks and I know that this is not a democracy, but I think that the ideas of all those that have contributed to the growth of the forum have to be kept in consideration
Our ways of think are different; your problem is not that you don’t speak well Italian, it is that you don’t understand our way of thinking and to live
You come to make a vacation in Italy :cool: