X-Box plans from Microsoft

I just posted the article X-Box plans from Microsoft….

So christmas has ended, let’s get some news…

Source: Microsoft Press Release.

Microsoft has revealed its plans behind the X-Box as you can read in the press release…

To best meet…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1091-X-Box-plans-from-Microsoft___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1091-X-Box-plans-from-Microsoft___.html)

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Who wants to buy X-BOX?

Well let me answer that: NOBODY!!!

xbox is for LAMERS ! i’m enjoying my PS2 !!

here in U.S.A ahhh that sux, we still are waiting for our psx 2 modchip and plus ay if you can bootleg games for so called X-Box shit Y not? =0)

the x box cannot compete, it is not bold enough to be a proper platform, too close to the pc (not that the pc is at all bad, just different), and not capable enough at what it does, i.e. needs installations, to beat the competition, which is quite strong!

Maybe the Xbox can be very succesful. We just have to wait and find out for ourselves.

Yeah i want too see a blue screen whit a module error 32432 on my tv

Ik denk dat de xbox nog veel succes zal hebben. Jullie breken hem al af en hij is nog niet uitgekomen. Hij is dubbel zo snel. De psx2 de grafisch gedeelte is veel verbeterd tegenover de psx1, maar trekt nog op niets tegen over de pc. BELIEVE THIS!!!

I agree 100% with x I’ve played on a ps2, cause I tought that the grapic quality would be finally better or equal like a pc, but to be honest…the graphics still SUCK if you compare them with a pc using a nvidia or 3dfx powered accelerator, the graphics are better then the ps1 no doubt about that, consoles are better on many things (faster,cheaper if you use copied games, etc…) but a console that matches the graphics quality from a pc is still not on the market…I’m affraid

x = Firehell

zoals altijd wordt alles weer afgekraakt of het nu psx 2 dreamcast of wat dan ook… het is nooit goed …
nu de x box weer …
erg zielig . als je nu goed doorspaart kun je er misschien eentje kopen na uitkomst. want dat zal het wel zijn JALOEZIE…

Come on guys PSX2 SUX BIG
The best resolution PSX2 can do is 640x256, and with the help of the interlace method goes 640x480 max…how…nice since with my GeForce Ultra i’m playing at 1600x1200

Any console is only really of use to people if games can be copied. I have had a PS2 and sold it, I have booted up Dreamcast software and noticed that basically there isnt really that much difference between the two. The PS2 is already dead as there are only a handful of decent games coming out for the PS2 in the next two years. A lot of stuff is old rehashed software like theme park. Personally I will not buy another PS2 until it can be hacked. As for the X-Box, have any of you got power PCs? If you have then you should know that PC games are pretty shit hot, you can apply patches, have more saved games etc. Ever played a microsoft game? Motocross madness 2 is a very shit hot game, and its microsoft. Play it and find out.

Dennis you don’t know anything about TV do you ? Normal TV have very low resolution, therefore there is no point in the PSX2 or any other console to go higher. To everyone, many of us like consoles better for certain game - like fighting games because of the better joypad controls - the PC is great - but most joypads are just crap !!!

well furst of all PS2 dun suk. well dun blame da PS2 blame da developerz!!! they are not spendin enough time on there software!!! n PS2 barely came out fer 2 monthz and all their gamez are first generation gamez!!! compared to Dreamast there are like in there 3rd or 4th generation gamez if im rite. newayz PS2 rulez, Xbox sux meanin BUGGY! Nintendo jus late like 3DFX!!! Bad marketin strategy!!! Well i reallie luv 3DFX but now they die, o wellz.

Dear Tim2001
Can’t you just see that
TV or not , monitor or not, 640x256(480) sux nowadays.Especially for a such HIGHLY priced console.
I’m sorry guys, but it seems that i got spoiled by my GeForce 2 ULTRA and 21" Sony Monitor

X-Box is gonna rule. Why? Because 99% of Microsoft products kick ass, Xbox got gfx accelerator from Nvidia and it’s gonna have shitload of games. These are the facts. U can’t argue whit facts. I hate consols but this one sounds really promising. Save your money from japanise shitboxes, this baby is gonna be goooood!!! (Only real PC will be better…)

Xbox will probably krash like the microsoft operating system :wink:

Nowadays I still love my old PSX! There are a lot of great games!!!

Jealousy is a motherfucker, u weak jealous motherfucker if u a jealous motherfucker u just a weak motherfucker, now see u in tha time, weak motherfuckers just wanna bring u down.

Got IT!!!