X-Box ModChip ready for sale

I just posted the article X-Box ModChip ready for sale.

SirDavidGuy used our newssubmit to tell us that LinkSang is selling Xtender Xbox mod chips.

Our first limited supply of Xtender Xbox modchips came in this morning and have been dispatched…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3921-X-Box-ModChip-ready-for-sale.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3921-X-Box-ModChip-ready-for-sale.html)

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Now Sony starts to fear their game console market will be taken over by microsoft. Man

Definatley, XBOX will now take over the market since it’s value has just doubled.

Why does the link use qksrv.net ?

Don’t buy that crap unless v1.1 comes out. ATM only Enigmah (next coming) seems the best and it’s even cheaper. :8

I’m not so sure this is good news for M$. They sell the Xbox at a loss of about $110 & they hope to make up the difference in game sales. M$ makes about $10-$15 on games so a person needs to buy about 11 or more games in order for M$ to break even. With this new mod chip people can go to Block Buster to rent the game for $4 & burn a copy. I think Sony has nothing to worry about.

Market share is what it is all about. Windows got big because of copying. The same might happen in the Xbox story. We will have to wait and c.

Understood, sorry about that! :slight_smile:

We are not that lame Black-Wolf :wink: We use these links because Lik Sang is member of one of the advertising networks we use. It would be stupid to normally link them, while now we COULD get a % of every sale made by a CD Freaks visitor.

X-BOX games can’t be read in normal DVD drives there for copying X-Box games will be like copying dreamcast games you will need special hardware or a modification to the existing one. So going to Block Buster and just renting a game and then making a copy of it is not going to be so easy I mean look at how many people can rip dreamcast games by themselves sure there are a few but not many. Same story with the X-Box most people will download the games instead of ripping them so there won’t be a huge problem like there was with the playstation copies. P.S Enigmah all the way 8

M$ is not trying to make billions of dollars on Xbox right now. They are building up a reputation so that everyone will buy Xbox2 instead of PS3. They are spending billions of dollars to make that dream come true. Obviously, their ultimate goal is to make money, but they don’t plan on doing that right now…

“:their ultimate goal is to make money, but they don’t plan on doing that right now…” That’s funny. I always thought Bill wanted to rule the world.

Thanks Dominator : re links

Zib - Your right. He does want to rule the world but as has been discussed so many times on this site, the only thing that talks and gets what it wants in this world is money so instead of the old days where u got the world with an army, now u just get it with money. Aren’t we all so much more civilised now :+