X box mod divx help

I have searched over and over again about modding my x-box, all I want is to play divx and other media such as svcds and other burnt media, and I need to still be able to play my xbox games and I want to play burnt xbox games also.

So I read things on how to do some of this but All I need is what to buy and where to go to know how to do it.
Whats the easiest way to do all this?
From what I read a mod chip seems the best way to go, What mod chips should I not buy? I just got my xbox and if its 1.6 what should I use?
What do I do if I get a mod-chip, then install it? Do I do something so divx can play?
If some one would be so kind to offer some help

If there is a turtorial that explains all this, to turn my xbox into a media system please point me in the right direction

for me the easiest way is softmod and slayers 2.6
you can find everything about it on the http://www.xboxscene.net/ forums
apply softmod install software from slayers evox dvd and youre done

A softmod is definiatly the cheapest way to go. I am running a softmod and couldn’t be happier. With a modchip you have to solder it and if you’re are not confident with your soldering skills or are on a tight budget, a softmod is the way to go.

Xbox Media Center is THE program to use once modded, plays all my media files etc. Currently its lacking proper dvd playback support, but in future realses that’s suposed to be fixed.

Yeah, get informed at www.xbox-scene.com and get the UXE softmod, then get XBMP or XBMC

XBMP is no long supported or developed. You need XBMC.

Yep, the latest XBMC is quite impressive with what it plays. No other stand alone unit can touch it for the amount of file extensions that it can play, that and an upgrade is all that it takes to allow it to play even more file extensions.

i used the new uxe installer, it installed in french but once you delete the config.xml file, you get it in english. Is really good, definetly recommend XBMC, i have the last version of XBMP before it was no longer supported, rubbish compared to XBMC.