X-Box finally revealed

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Check the X-Box website http://www.xbox.com/ for the latest updates on the X-Box. It shows the real look of the console. It has a great interactive console at…

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Are we supposed to be impressed???

You have to be off your BOX to buy one!

Sorry, i’ll stick to my PSX/PC for now Mr Gates, you have TOO MUCH money as it is!

Fucking M$! Couldn’t they just made an HTML site?? Shitty ASP!! My modem is dowloading for an hour and I still see nothing.

Well, It should be very difficult to do but I hope they will hack that Xbox soon, so we can all be happy when we play with our ‘backups’

Ihave to say that the PS2 in the flesh is a real disappointment. I have bought sony goodies for years, but they really skimped on the HW this time. Won’t touch it. I think that the X-Box, with those specs on the site, will annihilate it quite easily.

if it will be hacked it rulez :slight_smile: LOL

Well I have been following up all the news about the xbox on your site and from the reaction i gather all or most of you out there bealive that the xbox is shit, and most of you say that the PS2 is better. In my own opinions the PS2 is only popular because of the PSX which totaly put a new standard to the home gaming systems.

All of u critcs of the xbox probably already own a PSX or PS2 for this reason u all say that it is shit, but sooner or later u all out there will see that the xbox will put a new standard to home gaming standars as PSX did back in '93 '94.

Get with it, all the major gaming companies have signed up and check the specs compared to PS2 no fucking way can u say its crap because Microsoft made it.

Ask urself this question have Sony ever made an Operating System? fuck no they wouldnt know where to begin. So to all of u out there saying that u wil stick by ur PSX or PS2 soner or later u wil lbe biting ur Tounge and eating back the shit u said.

Im not going to take sides but I will point out one thing… Microsoft sucks when it comes to developing software… Its released to fast and with too many bugs and you have to get 23 service releases to get it to finally work…

The X-Box is hardware and with experienced game developers writing the software how can Microsoft put out a shitty product? This is not WINDOWS, this is HARDWARE Microsoft put together with its code to make it a great game machine…

Ive bought a few Microsoft products like a Sidewinder flightstick, game controller and TrackBall explorer and they work fantastic even though they dont actually build them…

Let the fucking thing come out and then put it down… Until then just sit and wait…

A guy I work with had the privilege to beta test the x-box (I know, I know… so he says). Anyway, I pumped him for all the info I could. As far as games went, he said he could only play a few games that were originally based for the PC… (he didn’t sound too excited) However he did say he had/seen some sort of demo that played some sort of animation, he was very impressed with that. He said, 'It totally blew anything I have seen so far on the PS2 away!" Hardware wise, media type is straight DVD, and he said the HD was SCSI, used only for swap space… The rest was basically a personal computer.

Personally I own a PS2, and I would not say I’m disappointed, but SONY is screwing up lately with the release and all. Only time will tell. I, however, will not be jumping for joy until a low cost DVD writer is available.