X-Box emulator ready for download *updated*

I just posted the article X-Box emulator ready for download updated.

Slashdot reports about a site where you can download a X-Box Emulator. To play games with this emulator you will need a high-end video card and a DVD player.

It only emulates 3 of the X-Box…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3084-X-Box-emulator-ready-for-download-updated.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3084-X-Box-emulator-ready-for-download-updated.html)

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It’s on! Microsoft is trying to kill the PC game industry and this is what’s going to save it!

Only matter of time before M$ going to sue them.

Ohhhh come on seriously u expect there to be a working x box emulator this quickly! Anyway check the boards at www.xboxhacker.net if u dont believe me that its fake! :frowning:

This emulator is fake. I have seen it in several forums. It doesn’t emulate shit. Here is the link to prove it is fake. http://forums.teamxbox.com/showthread.php?threadid=56551&highlight=emulator

If you read Wired, you will believe that MS is helping the PC industry. Most xbox games will be ported to PC after a while and this would cause the need for newer, fast computers, preloaded with the newest Winblows opperating system! And the need for Office, ect… So MS is stupid for killing anything PC, thats what they make thier money from, always have and probably always will…

Well Microsoft sure found a way to protect there games now. The Xbox games are huge for one thing. Recorded in DVD-9 format. 9 gig DVD’s. Impossible to even read the data on them. I tried to load a xbox game on my DVD-Rom just for the hell of it. Got the startup screen from the game and was happier then a pig in shit. Then a message comes on the monitir " Please put CD in the Xbox Console" DAMN :frowning: They got me. I believe it will be a very long time for tech to reach this level of home recording. Atleast a couple of years. I also took my xbox apart to check out the hardware. Hooked the hard drive up to my dual boot computer. Win 2000 and Win 98. The hard drive has an unknown partition on it. Not fat32 or NTFS. Don’t know what they used.

Hey juice. DVD-ROMs can easily read DVD-9 format and others. In fact they can read DVDs up to 17 or 18 gigs (around there). The problem is that the Xbox DVDs have a complicated Track/Session layout (like the Dreamcast) and to read the data you normally can’t, someone has to find what LBA it starts on and program a program to read that LBA and further of the XBOX dvd. I believe that Xbox emulation is possible and shouldn’t be too difficult. This is because the Xbox hardware is very similar to the computer (not like the N64’s “Silicon Graphics” processor or the DC’s “SH4” which made it hard/impossible to emulate these systems. But the Xbox Cpu is an x86 architechture which takes off the burden of offcode conversions, etc… And videocard is a GF3 mostly running on Direct3d or openGL mode (can be done on computer easily) Trust me, I know quite a bit about emulation.

i know more about emulation than all cd-freaks mates united, and i can tell you that there’s NO working xbox emulators today :d

:slight_smile: I just played NHL 2002 with it and it worked fine. A little choppy but that may be because I only have 800Mhz

TaN00Ki, do you know more about how emulation works or do you just have more pirated roms??? Think about it, buddy. Do not brag like that around this place because there is always someone who knows more than you. What have you attempted to emulate as of yet? I’ve written my own GB emulator. It works with a lot of demos but few commercial games. What have you accomplished? I just don’t like your attidute.

If this is an xbox emu why does it need Trillian’s connection dlls? And the app itself… rofl This is the worst fake I’ve ever seen! :stuck_out_tongue:

The funny thing with this is the morons who reply and say that it worked for them! Poor bastards, they must really feel stupid right now… Here’s some info on this emu: OK, let’s take a closer look at the files… First of all, rename these to .exe to see what they are: crypt.dll = Some program called Advent that has candles and a wreath! grphx.dll = A foreign Notepad-program (German, I think)! xbox.vxd = This is the Game.exe from Red Alert 2! snd3d.dll & xboxkrnl32.dll are both the same file from MSN Messenger with stuff such as ‘Please supply a password for your MSN account!’ There, now go play your games with this you stupid morons! :d

What the hell are you talking about, Chronic? You must’ve been fooled with a bad version because when I rename all my DLLs it says “not a valid win32 application.” Just to make sure I opened the files with HexWorkshop (displays everything in 16-base hexideciminal) and they seem like valid code that somebody wrote in C or ASM. It may be a trick but the dlls being other programs, c’mon what the hell are you thinking?

Chronic reports the same as users on Slashdot, so I think he is right…

yes, it’s just a HOAX. I downloaded it, and disassembled it (o no, now they gonna sue me !! :slight_smile: The Dll’s are not even called. You can delete them, and the program does the same then with them. NOTHING !!! no sorry, it does something, it say ‘unable to initialize video device’

So just downloaded it and took a look into the package… great software (to fool people…) So let’s see: the vxd is from Return of castle Wolfenstein… (do a quick search for the text wolf…) (even version number 1.0.0 can be found) Sure this one WON’T emulate any Xbow, will it ? (if you make it emulate anything… ) The two dll’s: Snd3d.dll and xboxkrnl32.dll are from MSM: (an example from boxkrnl32.dll) 016 - ControlID:FFFF, Control Class:“STATIC” Control Text:“Trillian Connection Manager. Version 0.70. Copyright © 1999,2000,2001 Cerule” You may be sure Xbox has nothing to MSM, and I doubt that this file (or MSM) has anything to emulate an X-box… No matter what some so called “clever” boys say or pray… This is just a fake shit, that is why MS does not do any law suit against them… regards, Stephen pS; some of you said that you saw REAL valid code in the files… you might have seen any, me too BUT this so called “valid” code has NOTHING to do with Xbox. So saying that it is valid may be a missinformation… ppS: I don’t expect the author of this “Xbox emulatior” has stolen the Xbox emulation code from Wolfenstein, has he, hee hee ?

what if RTCW is an xbox emulator? :stuck_out_tongue: yeah. that’s it.

Well, the author of the “Xbox emulator” is very active in changing the vxd file, first that was a Red Alert game exe, while now the emulator is based on a new PC game called Return To Castle Wolfenstein… What a “great” and busy author we have… Anyway, he’s just too lame to waste some more words on him… Axia: yeah I myself start to belive that RTCW is an Xbox emulator itself, so no wonder why it is needed for a “hard-coded” emulator software, hee hee…

Convinced now, DanDaMan1487? :slight_smile: