X-Box DvD Video Help Please

I have a sony dvd 500a & a lite on 451, The problem I am Having is getting the X box to play backup DVD movies. The Movies I am producing will play on my PS2 & stand alone cheeepo dvd player. Its Just My X Box wont see them. I use smart ripper to rip to HD. Then I use DVD2One to transcode. Then I use Copy2DVD to write the final disk.
I was using Nero but I just started getting loads of silly errors like noseek complete, when drives are good and discs are good. Also with nero I was getting that After performing a simulation the disk had 1.99Gb of data written to it, windows saw it as a Music disk, and nero would then promtly spit it out.
I think I sorted nero, I replaced my memory and that seemed to solve the problem.
Oh wow is me I have enough coasters to use as thermal insulation in my houseā€¦:frowning: