X-box dvd movie back-up's: Nero settings

i can get back-up’s (dvd+ r/w) to work in my console but sometimes i’d like to use Nero, prob is, which settings should i use with Nero ?

i use Dvd-Shrink and back-up’s work in my console, but when i try to use Nero, i get coasters, even when i select dvd- video or
force x-box mode, please advice.

a newbie thanks you in advance.

delete me :o

is’nt this the correct forum ?
or is the topic against the rules- faq ?

are you using the latest version of nero? if you are (and you’re still having problems) you can follow this guide to make an ISO of your video files, and then burn the ISO with dvd decrypter.

thanks old bean, will try out your advise as soon as i can.