X-Box Backups

Hey there

Ive been looking round on the web for a diffinitive guide on backing up my X-Box games but havent turned much up (im sure some people can find this stuff easier than me). Plan is to back up the games as im installing an X-Box in my car and dont want to leave my originals in their (lots of tea leafs about in my area). So, how to do it ? I know i’ll need a mod chip which im sorting outx-box scene but what else do I need ?

Im guessing a DVD burner is a necessity so which one is best ? And im also assuming i’ll need some kind of software that can understand the ISO file and burn this back to another CD ? Last of all what media shall I use (are CDR ok or do i need DVDR ?)

I appreciate any help

Try CloneXB. Network connection between PC and Xbox is reqired. Also, Evox dash board must be installed and running.

Hi jo ,

what you’ll require :

A Xbox (duh)

A modchip or an application that will flash your Xboxchip directly (a bootable evolution dashboard can do this).

A new dashboard (The operating system of the xbox on its harddisk).

A dvd writer

A tool that will transform your content and dashboard files into Xbox compatible content (Xiso for instance).

Procedure :

Get either the modchip installed with a nice bios or flash your xboxchip with a nice bios.

Make a nice iso of all the dashboard files , patch it if necessary (Xiso for isntance) and burn it with nero on a cdrw or dvdrw.

Boot the xbox with the cdrw/dvd(rw) which contains the cool new dashboard.

Ftp the content from your xbox to your computer

Ftp the new dashboard from your xboxcdrw/dvd(rw) disk (or some folder on your computer) on the xbox harddisk

Reboot the xbox

Unfortunately we can’t give you any direct links to get a bios , dashboard and/or xiso , but google is your friend.

I recommend you get a modchip instead of flashing your xboxchip directly. If it fails , you are forced to use a modchip anyway.

I just got myself an XBIT modchip , which its main features are :

  • Flashable via USB , not some lame msdos->lpt set up
  • 2mb chip which you can configure in several sections.

I am currently using it in 4 x 256k + 2 x 512k mode. Which means i can upload 4 bioses of 256k and 2 of 512k. I can select either bios file by using jumpers on the external print.

When that all is done , you can backup your Xbox games fairly easiliy. I just backupped my soul calibur 2 on a dvdrw and it works beautifully.

Just start your xbox , setup the dashboard in a way that it starts a ftp server , but not automatically runs the game.

Go to your pc and connect to the xbox using a ftp client.

Then transfer all content from the [D] drive (DVDRom xbox) to your computer.

Patch the content if required and make a nice iso (For instance with Xiso)

Burn the iso with nero.


best burner for xbox is definately the pioneer A06 about £100
makes great copies .
I use iso craxtion for making the isos a free download do a search.
and always use alcohol 120% for burning with!
spent the last few months messing about with xbox copying
take my advice get the pioneer!:wink:

Like Craxtion, Qwix is also a good tool for making iso’s. If you get your xbox modded you can also put a larger hard drive in it. If you did that you wouldn’t need a DVD burner as you could run all your backups from the HD.