X box 360



hi all, can any1 tell me how 2 go about burning x box 360 games, i’ve that it is possible 2 do em… cheers


There’s a lot of info in this thread on how to backup your 360 games.



thats the best as it’s the tutorial made by textbook which is what i used to mod mine. (along with pretty much everyone else)

but ill give you some advice… AVOID Hitachi v79’s as there the only ones that aint easy to mod as they require soldering etc.

other than that your good with this card here… http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815124022 (im assuming your in USA) … works on Hitachi/Samsung/BenQ… and i can personally confirm it worked on my Samsung MS28 drive in my xbox360 on the first try… you may not need that card if you dont have a Samsung MS28 as that card is pretty much required for Samsung MS28’s if you dont have a VIA 8237 chipset on your motherboard. (which odds are you dont)

and also… if your console is made BEFORE 2007 (check mfg date on back of console) the console will be easy to mod… if it’s made 2007 to date… main thing is avoid the Hitachi v79’s and you will be fine… and i seen reports online that ‘lite-on’ is a real recent drive they been putting into xbox360’s but i think there in minority so far so you generally aint gotta worry about getting one of those but if you do there not modable as no one has even dumped the firmware from it yet to begin making modified firmware for it.

p.s. my advice is try finding a xbox360 console with a Samsung drive in it or a BenQ … i would avoid Hitachi’s if possible.

also after moded there’s a chance your system wont like burned games even on top quality media like Verbatim DVD+R DL (made in singapore) which is recommended for xbox360 (and just in general)… as if the games dont load after using those discs odds are your drives laser is weak which then you would most likely need to do a ‘pot tweak’ (which i never done myself, but it adjusts the drive lasers power) or get a new drive for the xbox360.

as for Burning software i recommend ImgBurn as CloneCD will work to but it aint free like ImgBurn is… also when burning the games make SURE you load the .dvd file and NOT the .iso file directly!

p.s. the info im giving you is ‘up to date’ , not stuff from a couple years ago.