X-Bit Labs testing of recordable DVD media discs

I just posted the article X-Bit Labs testing of recordable DVD media discs.

 kahn used our news submit to tell us "I"m sure some of the media quality freaks from the forums  will have a few negative things to say about this review :) "                       Well, I...
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where is the link to the 24 pages of info about this test ? edit: Link for the test</p>
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I have a probem with a comprehensive media test that doesn’t include Taiyo Yuden and Fuji TY’s that are so plentiful these days. Also, I question the results on the MCC Verbatims, I have had nothing but good results with them and have heard relatively few complaints on forums. My burns have been done on an ND-3500, so I have to wonder if these tests say more about the Liteon than the media. At any rate, the tests should have been done with several drives to derive any conclusions. I urge the tester to throw (at least) an NEC and BENQ into the mix (more if possible) to verify and/or refute the results.

What a waste of time. I guess this will help those that own a lite-on drive. Media test are very dependant on the brand of drive one is using. A 1620 Benq would give totally different results. A nec another set of results.

How come Verbatim is always in the orange-zone?! Whenever the (well respected) German magazine “Ct” runs tests with burners and media the Verbatims are in the top third

oh dear :frowning: this obviously took the reviewers ages to complete, and as Ghostmaker said, what a complete and utter waste of time. This review does not make a comparison of these various medias, as it intends to do; instead, it shows the poor writing quality of the Lite-On drive :r. Unfortunately I feel they have lost it (although I still love my Lite-On 32X cd burner). Thank goodness for my LG 4163’s. Amen :X

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