X-bit Labs Testing of Recordable DVD Media Discs



X-bit Labs tests 44 different DVD media and provides KProbe results. Interesting read.


No not very interesting imo because it’s a bad test with lots of errors. Using only one burner for both burning and testing of the media quality makes it worthless if the purpose was to test the media quality in general. Then there are several other errors in the article, for example Interaxia is no manufacturer of discs, the Digitex 8x DVD-R with TYG02 code is obvious fake (most likely Optodisc like the other tested discs of this brand), what is a “LPP zone” etc…


The methodology may be flawed and containing errors, but the information should be of interest to anyone wishing to gain an overview of different media and quality levels without wading thru numerous posts. I didn’t say it was the definitive review, just an interesting read.
Putting together a fully comprehensive media test review with all the possible permutations of drives and media would be an huge undertaking.
The more information you have, the more intelligent decision you are able to make. Granted CDfreaks is a much better resource for this information, but test data for 44 different media in one article, albeit flawed, reduces the frustation of finding comparable info while navigating thru the multitude of posts available.


Just came across this review on DVD media performed on a 1653S (CS09), it should be of interest to all on the Lite-On forum. I apologise if this has been referred to before.




I have read almost the complete article, but I think it doesnt give an accurate view of certain media. For example Verbatim +R 8x media … this media is great, burned with a NEC3500 and NEC3520 but with the Lite-on burner it fucks up.

So for me, a NEC user this review is nog what I had in mind.

Nevertheless, respect for the ppl who put alot of time in it.


Interesting, but the test really only measures the suitability of the media for the Liteon, a drive we know has a considerable bias in media tolarance, well, so I thought…

Still reading, but the first thing I noticed was some rewriteables doing a lot better than expected - got used to seeing pretty ropey plots from them!

On the other hand, most media that’s ok in a Liteon should be ok in any current drive!


That’s the part that I found most interesting, as I use them mainly for “time shifting” movies for viewing on my schedule.

Do not look directly into laser with remaining good eye./.


I’m reading through the article now and have noticed some errors/misinterpretations already.

One small example: they say that Digitrex 8x DVD-R is “manufactured by Taiyo Yuden” when it is obviously not an authentic Taiyo Yuden made disc. Just a “fake” disc using the TY MID.


Already mentioned…

Liteon drive bias is very clear - TDK TTG02 is not a “bad” media, though I’m uncertain exactly who makes it where, but it’s definitely a BAD media for a Liteon


What the test is valid for:

How well does LiteOn SOHW-1654 (firmware revision CS09) burn AND read some particular manufacturing run batch discs (some of which are fakes).

That’s all the test data allows one to deduce.

It does not allow one to deduce anything useful about the media quality, the burn quality of LiteOn or anything else generalisable.

It only tells how compatible certain LiteOn 1653s burns are with itself, using firmware CS09.


i was concerned until i saw the test drive. what a piece of sh*t. i have wasted 5 discs in my 1633. it couldn’t make 1 readable out of 5 its uses are limited to fast ripping and scanning…


Well the TTG02 is definetely a coaster candidate for both 1653, Teac516D (pioneer) when written at 12x and not at 8x. Agreed, its not a bad medium when burned at the specified speed.


I own this drive,he tested on,and i can tell you that the quality of burn does not exceed 18 c1/pi and c2 0 or pif 3.
I do not know how he burned them and at what speed,but the results he got do not represent the quality or lack of it on this drive.

He tested the burning at max speed (probably) on this drive
IBM DTLA 307015 HDD (ATA/100)
and on this os
Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 1 and DirectX 9.0b.

So as the only hdd present with windows swapping in background and sp1 i can hardly see how can anyone expect to achieve a good burn.

And he finds out hot water with :“We attached the optical drive to the second IDE channel as “Master”.”
Wow what an achievement.

If he wanted to test the drive capability to write at max speed on a variety of disks,he should have connected another hd as primary slave and burn from it,then the test would look entirely different.

I’m not going to praise 1653,but it’s not a crap as all people say it is.
It is a fine dvd burner,and an average cd burner.

And the stuff he wrote about verbatim dvds is utter crap,as i mainly burn on a wide variety of them,and at all speeds.