WZOR leaks new Windows 8.1 build and screenshots of Bing edition

We’ve just posted the following news: WZOR leaks new Windows 8.1 build and screenshots of Bing edition[newsimage]http://static.myce.com//images_posts/2014/02/53183_900-95x75.jpg[/newsimage]
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Very little difference between the first leak and the newest one you just posted so once they release the new spring update -1 don’t expect to awful much in they way of any drastic changes they are small ones at best.

Sounds like they are in “State of Denial” their latest O/S is a flopped and rather then really fixing it for either Desktop mode or Metro install mode they just trying to sugar coat it so we go blind and keep using a O/S that is due for a early death. Guess W9 is coming earlier then expected…

I think they know it flopped. You can see them make small changes to bring back some win7 features. They brought back the start button (but not the start menu) and 8.1 is supposed to bring back boot to desktop.

I imagine your right. The Windows 8 brand is pretty tarnished now. They’ll probably bring back all the classic desktop features and call it windows 9.

What’s left now? Start Menu, Aero, and the ability to completely disable metro?

This one is still missing too