Wytron DVD-399 worked - now not working



Hi everyone,

New here and hoping to tap into your knowledge base. I searched and found sorta similar issues but not exactly my problem. I’m hoping you can give me some direction.

Bought a barebone duplicator tower. Wytron DVD-399 controller. 9 Lite-On DVD burners and 1 Lite-On DVD reader. Everything has been working great until now. I’ve burned somewhere around 200+ CD’s already. Only 1 coaster. The machine has been off for about a week. I started it up today and now it’s acting up. I can burn 1 disc at a time in the top burner (IDE10 JP4 slot). If I put a disc in ANY of the other bays the system sounds like it’s going to work. It posts the size of my Master CD but only the counter moves. I have the most recent firmware (v3.21). I did not upgrade to it… it came with the latest already loaded up. (I bought it about a month ago - or less) I’ve reset it back to factory defaults (never changed any of them just wondered if that might be the problem). I opened the case and rechecked all my connections. All drives have power. Checked the cable connections - all ok. It will recognize all 9 drives when I have a blank disc inside. Just won’t run if I have a disc in any drive other than the top one.

Please ask any questions if you need more info. Your assistance is GREATLY appreciated.