Wytron DVD-399 with Pioneer 109s



I recently purchased, as a kit, a Wytron Controller DVD-399 and the kit included a power supply, a 9 bay case and all the wiring necessary to install a DVD reader and 7 DVD burners. I bought 7 Pioneer 109s and assembled the entire kit and everything worked well. Suddenly, yesterday, I’m having trouble with the DVDs not completing the burner process so I have instantly made 7 coasters. This also was the problem when I then tested just one DVD.

I’ve been burning at 4X even though the media is 8X. The media is Taiyo Yuden Hub printable 8X which I’ve been using for the past 1,000 to 1,200 burns and have no problems.

Does anyone have a similar setup and can anyone steer me in what to look for.



Well, against my usual instincts (hehe) I got out the manual that came with the Wytron controller and it has a Reset procedure that apparently has cured the problem. I copied a 2 hour dvd at 4X in 13:56 time which includes disc prep and the finalizing. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Guess I won’t forget the manual next time. LOL