Wytron DVD-399 so, which IDE to use?


Just got a Wytron DVD-399 controller card to build my stand-alone duplicator but that user guide is so bad =((

It says it can control up to 9 writers and a reader… It also says that all the IDE channels on top of the board are for writers.

So, why one of them (IDE2) is bright RED while all the others are blue? First I thoght there was nothing to worry about and just tried to use the red one as well… but everytime I try to attach a writer to that channel the disc from this writer gets unusable.

After all, can I use it?


The red color of the plastic on IDE#2 is just there to identify the first channel for users who do not attach the full nine drives. If you are using less than nine target drives, you attach drives in sequence from IDE#10 down. For instance, if you were building a tower with 1 reader and 5 writers, you would attach the reader to IDE#1 as usual, but you would use IDE#'s 10, 9, 8, 7, and 6 for the writers.