Wytron DVD-388 Firmware fault



Wytron DVD-388 Firmware fault

OK…heres the saga so far!

Have a DVD-388 Wytron Duplicator. Wasn’t working properly with new writers I installed, searched and found new firmware for it (as 3.16 was already on it) I opted for the 3.22, wasn’t a uk based wytron site, it was these guys http://www.wytron.com.tw. Basically I flashed the firmware and the controller as I knew it died and did not come back to life.

I emailed the TW guys and they told me that the firmware is bad (in their words) and I should contact supplier, its more than a year old, so supplier doesn’t want to know.

Where do I go from here folks?



I found a site in Germany with the 3.22 firmware. You might try reflashing. http://www.wytron-eu.com/Pages/download.htm


Kerry I have tried that with no success? Anyone else any ideas?