Wytron DVD-388 Firmware 3.16

I had to actually call in the people I bought the DVD-388 1 to 5 duplicator from and they were really helpful. Thanks goes to Andy at www.ily.com !! He emailed me this file for the DVD-388. It is the 3.16 version supporting DVR-108 and higher. Here is a link for it:

DVD-388 Firmware 3.16

Simply burn it to a CD-R in ISO9660 mode w/o joilet. Then hold down the setup button and navigate to update and hit GO. Should upate! Mine did.

** Bios History **
v3.14 Aug '04 Added initial support for Pioneer 108.
Allow user to change hard drive partition size (options: 850 Mb, 4.8 Gb and 9.6 Gb)
Added cycle time (MM:SS) to the “Pass x FAIL y” messages.
v3.13 Jul '04 Fixed a new issue with clicking between tracks when duplicating some audio CDs.
v3.11 May '04 Performance enhancements not disclosed by Wytron UK.
(Two sub-versions: Beta & Final. Cannot easily be identified by end users or lower tier dealers).
v3.10 Apr '04 Add technology to optimise copy speeds.
v3.03 (b) Feb '04 Minor enhancements & fixed stability issue in v3.03 (a).
v3.03 (a) Feb '04 Unstable firmware release - Starmount advises its customers not to use this version…
v3.02 Jan '04 Minor enhancements.
v2.99 Nov '03 Added support for 8x DVD+R. Solves click between music tracks. Added new writer support.
Released separate firmware for writers that use slow transfer speeds (DMA-16). e.g. Hitachi/LG 4040B.
v2.97 Oct '03 Initial firmware release.

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I linked it instead, since it wont let me attach a 512k file. Too big.

help please need the 3.16 firmware please if poss email me mailitdirect@yahoo.co.uk thanks

What is your problem?
You have to ask WYTRON.

Anyone have or know where I can get the firmware update for the Wytron cd - - 398 controller…???