Wytron DVD 319 Duplicator error

New to the Forum.
Purchased the above Duplicator today. I 've installed the Drives and the Controller but their was no Instruction Manual in the Box so I’m thinking I may have done something wrong.
I’m getting a Message which is : OK 0 NG 1 TOK 0
I have no idea what this means I have an Acard duplicator which works fine but can not get the hang of the Wyrton when it starts up it checks the Drives but seems to find only 2 of them then goes in to Mode Copy. Thing is If i press OK nothing happens I can scroll through the Modes but seem to be unable to access any of them.
Sorry about the long Post hope someone can help


Transferring to General Harware…

Managed to find a Manual onl ine had the Drives back to front
so I think I have it connected properly now. but I’m having a problem copying Discs as in it wont copy anything… I put the source Disc in and a couple of Blanks it says it’s in Copy Mode and nothing happens.
tried a few other modes same thing.
have I got a duff controler ? or Am i still doing some thing wrong ?
thanks for any advice

hi Ian have same problem, think its firmware mine has 3.23 but ithink you need 3.21 dont think its released yet,lots of people with same prob not very good .

New firmware just out from Taiwan. version 3.35. looks good