Wytron DVD-3000/Pioneer 108 busted

I’ve been struggling for five months to get my DVD-3000 to work for me to no avail. It’s hooked up to 6 Pioneer 108 burners, a Pioneer 120 reader, a 60 gig Maxtor hard disk, and refuses to load or copy disks. Straight duplications hang at 32 and in load mode the controller either delivers a straight ‘error’ message or simply spins at 0X0 speed without loading anything.

I’ve tried swapping out for several generic DVD-ROM drives, 3 different hard disks, Pioneer 104 and 106 series burners, hooking up one drive at a time, and have gotten absolutely no help at all from Wytron when I’ve talked to the tech department. They did send me the latest version of the controller’s firmware after a month of emailing them twice a day and it didn’t change a damned thing. The drive was working in load mode for about a week in the middle of this whole ordeal but no more. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

I believe the original DVD-3000 manual did not have the Pioneer 108, I think they stopped at 107. Regardless of that, Make sure your jumper settings are correct and that the drives all have the standard factory firmware. One other thing, watch the power supply, I think Wytron reccomends a 400 watt now for some of the high end controllers.
Also, try and do a test with all of the same model drive, for reader and writer.