Wytron DVD-3000 - compatibility with newer drives?

I know, this is an older controller, but it works well and I’m not concerned with burning past 8X (CD) or 4X (DVD).
The problem is that all the info I find online says the last drive they supported was the Pioneer 108.
If someone knows a source for some ‘new old stock’ 106, 107, or 108s, please let me know.
Otherwise, I’m sure someone here has one of these and had some success with some newer drives.
Any help would be appreciated!

I doubt you could use those standard drives with their non copier compliant firmwares…

Yeah, probably not.
But I can find a bunch of the 117 and 118 drives.
I can also find used older drives that are supported.

Do you think I can either flash the 117/8 drives to 108?

Or, if I get mixed drives like A08, 106, etc…do you think I can flash them to 108? Or is this asking for problems?

You cannot CROSSflash those mentioned drives to make them DVR-108 drives.
Maybe there are some duplicator compliant firmwares that allow the usage of the 117/118 drives…

Yeah, I figured that would be the case.
I have some older 111s laying around and the controller recognizes them are runs them just fine even though the firmware notes say that this controller only supports up to the 108 series.
There are still some 117s that can be had, I can get a couple to test out, but they are:
Anyhow have any idea what the LG stands for and how these may be different from the other 117 models?
If it just means ‘light gray’, no problem, but if these were actually made by LG for Pioneer, then who knows?

DVD-117LG would be a reader…

What firmware does they have?

Yep, you are right. I would need a DVR-117…my bad!

Firmware? You mean for the 111s?

I wouldnt be surprised if these drives came with different firmwares…

which drives? the 111 or 117 drives? different firmware from what?

Both of course, and usually drives for duplicators come with special firmwares. :wink: