Wytron CD-298

This is my hardware setup:
CD-298 from wytron technologies.
1 WD 7200rpm HD.
3 plextor premium CD burners.
each device is connected with its own cable to the CD-298
all the burners are jumperred as masters. so is the HD.

burning method:

  1. load - loading an image of the master CD to the HD.
  2. copy - putting CD’s in the burners, getting the “3start” from the machine, and pressing GO.

I cannot seem to get the device burning on more then 1 burner simultaniously.
Each time I burn only one burner works. Of course in the end i get “1 pass, 2 fail”.

does anyone have any documantary for this product? can someone please help me with this damn thing? wytron is not publishig any documentary on the network what so ever.

Roi shivek
IT manager
Magnetics LTD.