Wytron 688

Hi Forum
I have a wyrton 688. It starts to copy dvd’s and gets to 1min and freezes I have tried the other drives as the master and getting the same error. I have switched the controller and it only gets to 40sec and locks up. Should all copy drive be set to master or slave? I have 1-9 copier and I have tried all the disk as master. Could it be possible that all the drives are bad? or the master rom is bad. Should the factory setting work. I have firm ware 3.26

You should contact Wytron, at least check their site.

First, try to reset to factory default settings, next, make sure your drives are listed as being compatible with the 688,(go to the wytron factory website and look at the chinese section, hard to read but you will find a list of compatible drives), next, make sure all of your drives are set to “master”, next, make sure your cables look alright and are plugged in correctly, finally, use decent media. If that fails, re flash the bios. The latest version is 3.36 but 3.35 seems to work just as well.

Oh I forgot, the Wytron 688 is a 1 to 10 controller. Make sure that the reader is plugged into the back and all of the writers are plugged into the top of the board. If you only have 9 targets on your board and the board is labeled as a 688, you could be the proud owner of a fake wytron product.