Wytron 688 hard drive installation


I have wytron 688. I want to install a hard drive, but having a hard time. I set the reader as slave and 160 gb hard drive as master. I hook them up with the same cable. hard drive at the end.

However, the controller gets stuck at “detect drives…” when booting up.

thank you for your help.

First issue, what is your firmware number.
Second issue, the IDE cable is the one that came with the controller? Make sure that one end of the cable is connected to the board, the other end connected to the hard drive (set to master), and the middle connector to the reader (set to slave)
Third issue, are both units getting power?
Fourth issue, try and use only the optical drive or only the hard drive and see which one does not get recognized.
Finally, you can use any of the writers to “Load” a disk image onto the hard drive. You do not have to have a dedicated reader. A lot of system builders just buy a case, a board, a case of drives (10), and a hard drive. All of their burning is done from the hard drive. Faster and more reliable.