WYtron 399 Controller PRoblem

I am using emulation to test out the drives with this controller. At the moment I seem to have problem where the light on the burners just turn off and it stop burning. ANyone have the same problem? Using Pionneer and NEC burners.

Also The firmware is 3.19 on these controllers. I sent email asking about it and they sent me the 3.21 firmware. Tech guy said I should upgrade it. How do I upgrade firmware?

First of all, you should not mix burners. It may work, but it may give you intermittant problems.

As far as upgrading the firmware, do the following:

Unzip the firmware so that you have a file with the .bin extention. Your file should have a name like DVD399.bin

Burn a closed session CD/DVD with only that file in the root directory.

Turn on controller and when it finishes booting up press and hold the “mode” button for about 3 to 4 seconds. Until you see “Setup”

Press the mode button a few times untill you get to “Update”

Put the disk you burned into the reader drive.

press the “go” button

thats it. And PLEASE do not turn off power while this is happening!

I have a 7 DVD tower with a WYtron 399 controller and cannot access any hard drive (80 Gb) partition beyond “A”. My supplier sent me the firmware upgrade from 3.21 to 3.23 but this has not corrected this fault.
Anyone have an idea?

Please sendme the firmware V3.21 for this controller (Wytron dvd-399)

Does someone have the 3.19 firmware? If yes, can you send me this? my email is rodrigo2006@gmail.com, thanks!

Does someone have the 3.19 and the 3.23 firmware? If yes, can you send me this? my email is rodrigo2006@gmail.com, thanks!

You need to go to the retailer that you bought it from in order to get the latest firmware. I believe the latest version is 3.24.
Look in the back of the manual (Chinese section) it may have a list of compatable hard drives.

can someone kindly send me the newest firmware as well?

thanks in advance,


I have a Wytron DVD 399 controller running a 1-9 target NEC burner tower. My problem is that it fails all dvd burns but passes all cd burns. It currently has firmware version 3.21. Do I need something newer? I am kind of new to this forum so could someone please help me. Send info or updates to nineinfina@yahoo.com.

What model of burners?
What model of reader?
There is a later version firmware release, I think 3.23. Contact your reseller to get it and see if that will work.