Wytron 319 DVD duplicator



Hello to all!

Okay so I am having an issue with a Wytron 319 DVD duplicator. I brought it off a friend of mine a few weeks ago, and at first everything worked perfectly. It did CD’s as well as DVD’s, but now there’s an issue with it I’m not sure how to fix. A week or so ago, I suffered a small power cut while the tower was in operation, at first it seemed totally find and worked as it should do. Now however it works for a brief time until it gets 5 to 10 minutes into an operation. That’s when the top drive will stop totally, and the drive underneath (The one with the blank disc) would just get stuck in a loop.

The drive’s light will blink on and off for at least 30-40 minutes until the tower makes a noise and resets itself back to the start menu. That’s when I eject the disc, only to find its copied only half of the music tracks or first few chapters of a DVD.

The tower itself is an external tower not connected to anything, it is without hard drive and in total it has four drives in it. The first two being LG DVD burners with the other two being just generic DVD burners.

I’d really appreciate any help or advice anyone has!



Wytron is the first choice you should contact.


As chef says you should contact Wytron

Also from all the duplicators that I have worked with or seen all the drives were the same make and model, having different drives may be an issue.


Not only contact the company but there was a discussion on the wytron duplicator already and maybe doing a search would go a long way to help finding a solution.


Thanks for the speedy replies!

I’ve already been in touch with Wytron direct, and they’ve said that they don’t make this model anymore, and that I should either trade it in and get a new tower or replace all the drives with ones that are the same make and model.

Also I did do a search for a Wytron thread before I posted this thread, but I couldn’t find any solutions to my problem. So I’ll try what Wytron said and just replace all the drives with fresh new ones. :slight_smile:


Wow, a kinda eeky sneakout by wytron…