wxRipper for Windows 7 32 bit

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! I am very late to the party of backing up xbox 360 games but I really need to start doing it because I am notoriously rough with my games, especially when I lose.

I have been doing lots of research and found that wxRipper is the way to go. Well I have tried multiple versions and I thought I had found a version that works for Windows 7 but it hasn’t. Every single attempt has been a failure. I can find the magic number, and then I hotswap, then save the layout, then change the third line to D, then open it and start to dump.

This is when the real problems occur. I either get it to read every single line and it finishes in about 20 seconds and I get an iso file that is only 253 mb or it skips all lines that read “Copy” and has a message at the bottom that says Error @ 0 (cyclic redundancy check). SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME BECAUSE I AM GOING INSANE!!!

Here are the tools that I have been using for this project:
A) Toshiba Satellite Laptop
B) External Dual Layer DVD rewriter (LG)
C) DVD copy of Almost Famous (7.87 gigs)
D) Tiger Woods @ The Masters

Someone please help me out.

I doubt you are going to get any answers in the Newbie forum. So I’m moving your thread to the Game Console forum.

There is a high probability that your drive cannot read enough data of the Xbox 360 game.

Thanks for those links Mr. Belvedere. Somehow I have never seen those discussions before on that forum