As some of the more well-read and broad minded amongst you may know, Australia has quite a shameful history concerning the genocide of its native people.

The country may be all smiles and a bit of a paradise in many respects but the united nations frowns upon this nation for the treatment of its Aboriginal people.

Some nutjob out there has attempted to understand, satirise and have a general stab at the culture. I suggest you read the little essay “wesley and racism”. Turns out the guy has a degree in some form of cultural studies. Not to be argued with.

This is not a link for everyone to follow. Please use discretion while viewing this (rather hysterical) bunch of flash cartoons.

Oh - and dont you DARE shoot the messenger! I only found it! My views may not be that of the author of the page!

Either way, go take a look @ this profanity in the making…

Wesley Likes Goon