Www.easymusicdownload.com legit or not?

This is my first post here and if I place it in the wrong area I am sorry. :o Anyway, this is probably a question that has been asked before but I have not found an answer to my question. Here it is: Is the web site www.easymusicdownload.com legit or not? I have tried napster, iTunes, and Rhapsody but I don’t like what they have to offer. The problem I find with those sites are they’re setup is unpleasant to work with, the price is not right, or they don’t have the songs that I want, mainly the early works of Evanescence before they became big. If this is a legit site then I will go with it, however if it is not please point me in the direction of a site that can give me what I would like. Thanks

Got a free sample track, from them, but it sounds too good to be true…

Unlimited, MP3, unlimited burning, unlimited portable transfer, for a single 1 or 2 year sub.

Pretty sure it can’t be done, at least not with the current stranglehold of vested interests in DRMed-to-death content.


Well, I found an account that worked (doncha jus luv newsgroup searched) - and it seem to be an Edonkey client!

See also: http://www.legalunderground.com/2004/01/easymusicdownlo.html

Thanks for the info. Also is http://www2.mp3city.com.ua/ legit?

I pretty much doubt it is legit. Most underground sites like those are not legit. They are cheaper though.

I just took a look at easymusicdownload.com and it looks like a site I fell for before, they promised the same thing,but when I signed up, I couldnt find any mp3s to download on their site. It turned out that all they were doing was supplying BitTorrent clients and other p2p programs, and you could use these for free anyway, but all I was paying for was support and advice on how to download music :frowning: what a rip off, and I told them so too,and got my money back :clap: I use www.mp3spy.ru now, and I find this to be very legit and reliable, but stick with the standard plan, and not the unlimited If you dont want to get stuck with heavy Internet traffic that slows your speed some times, But remember I said sometimes, othertimes I can download from them at 333kbps :bigsmile:


Is 100% illegal and crap. You shouldn’t even have to look twice to see that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info and yes I thought tha the website was not legal by the way it was built. However, I thought I would get a second option. Thanks again.

To me, there is definitely something fishy about it. Interestingly, unlike the scam sites where almost every link points to their sign-up page, I notice this site actually allows searches, including a limited selection of previews. However, unlike legitimate sites and the controversial Russian MP3 sites, only a few search results (for a popular artist) can be previewed and the rest of the several hundred results all point to the sign-up page (without a preview). This gives me a feeling that while they may have a fairly decent library of MP3s, they likely take the rest of the results from a CDDB or other public library of CD listings, particularly with a search results page containing “cddb” within the page URL. If this is the case, who knows how the rest of the music is obtained if one did sign up and try downloading any of these songs that could not be previewed.

Here are a couple of other signs that would make me think twice of the site:

[li]The use of Microsoft’s PlaysForSure logo despite only appearing to offer music in the mp3 format. A site featuring PlaysForSure means that it uses Microsoft’s DRM with support for PlaysForSure compatible hardware. A few examples of music services that use PlaysForSure include Yahoo Music, Napster and Rhapsody.
[/li][li]They mention about EasyMusicDownload (or EMD) being seen on MTV, AOL, NBC and CNN, without links to any article on any of these sites. I’m sure if any did have something about the site, there would be a mention about it on their websites, even if archived. However, I done a quick search on each (for both terms), including using Google’s site search and the closest I found to a result was someone’s AOL profile containing a link to the site, but certainly no news past article on any of these.
[/li][li]13 Million song claim - If they did have the world’s largest music library of legitimate music, there would have been plenty of news going about it.
[/li][li]Going by the file size info they mention, such as an average of 4MB per song and 1MB per minute, this would indicate that the music they have is encoded at 128kbps, which while not bad for an unlimited subscription, I would prefer music to be a minimum of 192kbps.

Hello to everyone (btw, it’s my first posting here)!

I guess that www.easymusicdownload.com ist 100% illegit - if you look out for Genesis, for example, you find lots of bootlegs.

Greetings, Alexx

This website has very funny mistakes (at least for us CD Freaks):

Your CD media, or blank discs, must be compatible with your CD burner. There are two types of burners and four types of media. It doesn’t matter if your burner is internal or external, it is either a “plus” or “minus” burner. CD+ burners burn CD+ discs. CD- burners burn CD- discs. Examples: You can burn your music files onto X Brand CD+R discs using your Y Brand CD+ Burner. Or you can burn your music onto W Brand CD-R discs using your Z Brand CD- Burner.
I guess they really mixed something up, lol. :bigsmile: