Www.dividezero.tmfweb.nl che fine ha fatto?

www.dividezero.tmfweb.nl che fine ha fatto?

Non riesco piu’ a collegarmi.


Il sito è stato chiuso 1 paio di settimane fa. Mi dispiace…


Well this is going to be some bad news to allot of people .Its about DiViDeZeRo read it here :
I’ve quitted the scene… I was spending way too much time with this homepage of mine, and also got multiple messages from anti-piracy groups, therefore, I have decided to leave the scene (at least for a while…)
I hope that you guys will post this message in the news, with an apology to my daily visitors…
Thanx… DiViDeZeRo…
So from this site I can say its a damn same that you have stopped the site .It was always a pleasure to see all the new things you have and it was real professional to see your site .Man be back soon :frowning: