I know this is off topic but I use the website www.covers.to to make labels for my backed up DVD’s. It appears to have gone off line.

Does anyone know of a problem with this site.

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I like this “cdcovers.cc” site (link below). They are owner-related to these same cdf forums, I believe.

Some members have experienced incorrect (or no page-loading at all) functionality problems with this site but I believe their problems were related to the complex, newish versions of scripting methods authored into the website’s Java functionality. You may have to fool with your “Scripts-allowed” settings in your firewall, Anti-virus or spyware softwares to get some of their complex scripting to work correctly. I assume it’s a Sun Java vs Windows Java incompatibility (or an ActiveX incompatibility) that I’m talking about here. Windows security options also include some settings for scripting compatibilities too. [B]But[/B], [I]you may experience no problems at all[/I] with your present setup settings … it’s just that some members set up script protection levels so high that they rival the Emperor’s Personal Guard(!) so maybe those few (including me!) encountered webpage display issues!

I trust the “cdcovers” site and never got a cookie planted or detected other intrusive stuff … so I have found that if I disable my Norton firewall and AV for a moment, the page displays correctly. Then I re-enable both FW and AV quickly after that, the site displays correctly from then on (per session) even with all my protection software running. Just a little shortcut trick if you don’t want to fool with your script protection settings.

Scroll down to the DVD covers area.

You could also try “backing up” on the URL address to the main (home) page of your www.covers.to site (or trying .com for a web extension) to see if they are really offline or just changed the URL for the page that you chose to save as a “Favorite” link. Or do a web search for “www.covers” to see if they have changed providers. Some providers get angry when they loose business and refuse to provide “redirection” links to a websites new host.

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Looks like www.covers.to is gone :frowning:
For me it was the best one i ever found.
Is anybody know the other site with high resolution covers posted?

try http://www.generetic.org OR http://r1db.com Hope it helps :wink:

you’s not use CDCOVERS.CC ???

i find this the best over all…

That site has a big problem which is all their covers are extreme low resolution and also uses high compression.

The site is back again!
edit: I’ve meant cdcovers.cc.

covers.to have replaced with a spam-site. Or whatever you call those unnecessary things which only link referal-ads.

still after a good cover site,then try a visit to FreeCovers.net :smiley:

After the www.covers.to … nothing :sad:

After a hard search (about 2 weeks) i found the program DVD cover searcher that has covers in high resolution.The only bad is that is freeware program (just 10 cover you can download) :frowning:

for those that aren’t satisfied with the quality at cdcovers.cc, their forums allow you to request hi-res versions and they are VERY helpful. forum members will email all requests directly to you. great experiences with that forum

Tho cdcovers.cc offer a great variety, Im a afraid the quality of most of their shit is exactly that - shit.
I was pissed when I discovered that covers.to was gone, the extra high res covers were outstanding.
Good thing I found them again (under a new address)



You need to use their forums (thanks reasonsnotrules). A quick message and a few minutes later, a hi res cover comes in the mail.

The enormous amount of add pop up is the most I have seen on any site. Too bad there wasn’t another way for him to post his site. Anyone know of a way to eliminate them in XP Pro? Everytime you go to another level the same 4 pop ups come up again.

Change to something like Firefox with pop up blocker.

:bigsmile: :bow:

Thanks! This site was the best of the best, I have search again and again to find another site with high quality DVD covers and you retreive it!!!
This forum has save my live again and again!!!

Thank you very much for the new address for covers.to. Sometimes when a site leaves their provider under bad terms, the provider won’t help by giving a new redirection link.


I just visited and the new site seems alot faster as well.

Hi beerman64 just thought i’d let you know that covers.to has changed to www.covers.box.sk hope this helps cos i thought it was the best coversite around.