Www.cdfreaks.com + norton ad blocking

When i use norton Ad Blocking i can’t see the “update tracker” to the left on the main cdreaks.com site. really annoying. I should be able to configure Norton Ad Blocking so that it shows the update tracker on cdfreaks.com, but no ads on other (non cdfreaks) pages. Does anyone know exactly how to do this? If you “think” you know, don’t waste your time here…

You didn’t post what version of Norton Firewall that you are using.

For this post I will just assume 2003. The options shouldn’t have changed that much if you have 02 or 04.

Here is how to do it.
You will of couse have to replace the appropriate URL(s) to be www.cdfreaks.com

Sorry about that, I have the '04 version, but like you said it haven’t changed too much. It seems to be working now. Thank you for helping me!

Glad I could help :bigsmile: