WWParty CloneCD Give Error

Hi ya all this is my first post so go easy please…

I am having difficulty in backing-up Worms World Party using CloneCd I use the ‘Fast Error Skip’ and ‘Inteligent Bad Sector Scanner’ but when I go to write it back I get the error ‘Writing To CD Failed, ILLEGAL REQUEST : INVALID FIELD IN CDB (5:0x24 : 0x00)’ If anyone can help I would be very greatfull. I have used CloneCD before to back up Worms Armageddon which uses SafeDisk protection and that worked ok. I have however since updated, CloneCD could this be the cause or is it something else ?

Thanks, for any help in advance

The Worm Squisher.

hey, welcome to cd freaks! what cd-rw drive are you using to copy the game?

Hey Squage,

Firstly thanks for that kind welcome, I am using an HP 8200 series which managed to backup the SafeDisk protection on Worms Armageddon no problem. However I get the error when I try to back up Worms World Party which is protected with the LaserLock.

Hope this is of help.


PS Thanks again for at least posting a reply!!

well, according to the clonecd website, your HP 8200 drive supports reading of subchannel data from audio and data tracks. turn both of these options on, and try again with the copy.

whit a plextor you dont have any problems